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New Letter from the Chairman 10 July 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope that the summer is treating you well. Or in the southern hemisphere, the winter is treating you well. Things in New York have calmed down greatly. However, as most of you know we have moved the Veith meeting into late February (23-FEB-2021, from November). And we are not certain that this meeting will occur based on the epidemiology at that time.

As I mentioned in my prior letter, Olivier and I have been in touch with Joanna at at Activzone.

Separately, we had a zoom call meeting among the executive committee to discuss our current situation regarding Soelden in 2021.  Currently we can be thankful to Joanna. Initially we were supposed to provide a  Euro7000 deposit on July 1st. But Joanna has managed to move this date too September 15th. Separately, we will owe another Euro7000 in November.

Cancellation Reimbursement is outlined below:

Cancellation before December 13th–100% refund.

Cancellation three months to one month prior to event–40% refund.

Cancellation from one month to one week prior to event–30% refund.

Cancellation less than one week prior to even–no refund.

As mentioned above, we had a zoom call meeting of the executive committee which evoked a unified response. At this time, we have no ability to predict the state of infection, or state of travel restrictions for March 13th, 2021. Accordingly, we will continue to hold our reservation until September 15th, but we are unwilling 2 allocate funds for a March 13th meeting anytime in the near future. The consensus seems to be that we would try to reach a decision by February and act accordingly.

I am hopeful that everyone remains healthy, and that we are ultimately going to get through this for a meeting in 2021, but plan for a successful meeting in 2022.

I welcome any input.


Mark Adelman

Chairman, AIVS