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AIVS 2022 Update

23 August 2021


from Chairman Mark Adelman

Dear AIVS Executive Committee and friends,

First, I am hopeful that everyone remains safe and healthy. Everything is variable from country to country and region to region, and extremely unpredictable. As an example, we decided to move the VEITH symposium to Florida when there was essentially nothing going on down there, and New York was essentially closed. And now, Florida is the hot spot, but rates are coming down. We are still hopeful that we will have our live meeting down in Orlando.

The Executive Committee has had two zoom calls in the last three months or so. Unfortunately, many were not able to attend. I am hopeful to be able to arrange a call where most people are available, and we can convene a nearly complete executive committee.

Olivier and I have had several conversations and text messages with Joanna at Activzeone.
This has resulted in two proposals for March of 2022. One proposal in Andermatt, Switzerland, and the other in Soelden Austria. These proposals have been priced and are nearly complete.

Overall costs in Soelden are €33,605, Average double room 7 nights/half bd €2940

Overall costs in Andermatt are €38,095, Average double room 7 nights /half bd €3600

Ultimately the executive committee that was able to attend the meeting unanimously agreed that the less expensive option in Austria would be preferred. We were told that this would require a €20,000 deposit by August 1st, and ultimately we were able to get the deposit down to €6000. This is fully refundable up until December 1st. We all recognize that we will not know on December 1st whether we are able to travel or would like to travel for a March 12th meeting (currently the meeting is scheduled to occur from March 12th through March 19th of 2022). However, we are hopeful that we will either ask for a refund if things are looking very dismal, or we will be able to extend our deadline. It seems that the hotel is mostly interested in good faith money, demonstrating that we intend to have a meeting. But none of us believe that 15 weeks will be enough lead time to determine whether people will attend. In addition, we typically don’t get registrations in a timely fashion even in a good year.

Separately, there are travel restrictions that have been published for non-Austrian citizens to travel into Austria. I have attached them below. One was forwarded by Andrew McIrvine and upon checking with active zone and the Austrian government website, we were identify another directive from the Austrian government. It appears that Andrew’s directive is from a different website, but is 3 days more current.

Suffice it to say that we are not yet certain of what will occur between now and December (or March) and the current thinking is to stick with Soelden for now, and revisit as we gain more and more current information. I believe that it is critical to make every effort to hold a live meeting, or we run the risk of severe atrophy.

Stay safe, and healthy. Hoping to see you at VEITH (doubtful for most Europeans) and in Soelden.

Current Travel restrictions

https://www.oesterreich.gv.at/en/themen/coronavirus_in_oesterreich/pre-travel- clearance.html

https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/austria-vaccination-certificates-issued-in-uk-valid- for-9-months-only/