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Chairman’s pre-meeting letter March 2024

Dear AIVS Membership,

I am hopeful that all is well in that some of the health issues affecting our members are healing.

The meeting is upon us in just a few days, but I’ve had some late submissions to the program and have not completed it until now. The program looks excellent, with 53 presentations overall, and 58 surgeons  (physicians) attending. In addition, there are multiple attendees that are spouses or children of our members. Overall, it will be a great academic and social atmosphere.

As most of you have seen on the WhatsApp feed, the snow has been excellent. (may be a little too excellent with an avalanche onto the access road). This has been cleared, and they are ready to receive us with great up mountain snow.

I have attached the tentative program, as well as an Excel spreadsheet of all that are planning to attend, and are planning to present papers. Please check your names to be sure that you have been included in the program, and on the spreadsheet, as these are the attendees that I am currently aware of. If your name appears on the Excel spreadsheet, your family members are also registered.  Please note that the program will not be available in print. And will be accessible through the website using a mobile phone, iPad, or computer at AIVSconf.com and also on the Whats App group ‘AIVS Main Group’;

This will allow us to make adjustments and changes during the meeting. Please be sure to bring your devices to the academic sessions.

There will be some time for case presentations, and we would like to focus on cases that have gone bad, rather than cases that were a great success or a great save. This has always been a great session and as always will be chaired by Markus Furrer.   Be sure to bring these cases with you on a stick, and we will upload them for presentation.

I hope that this program has met everyone’s needs, and that I have not inadvertently omitted anyone, or interfered with travel plans, due to placement on the program. If so, please feel free to call me on WhatsApp, or send me an email as soon as possible so that I may amend the program. Hopefully most of us will arrive on Saturday, and there will be an opening cocktail party on Saturday evening, followed by our first academic session on Sunday Morning

Travel, safe, and we all look forward to seeing one another in just a few short days.


Mark Adelman

Chairman, AIVS